Simultaneity Through Typography

Designing a Bilingual Reading Experience of English and Arabic
(Using Dubai as a Case Study)

To investigate new ways to design typographically for a bilingual audience of dual backgrounds by creating a simultaneous reading experience of English and Arabic in the context of Dubai's transnational culture.

The success of Simultaneity Through Typography will be determined through simultaneous readability in Arabic and English in a multi-cultural space.

Both audience need to be equally welcomed into this space. Each typographic treatment needs to read both ways to capture the essences of dual backgrounds being portrayed. The need to feel equally welcomed within a multi-cultural cosmopolitan space is essential in contemporary culture.

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Context of Dubai Modern day gleaming metropolis.

Context Comprising Arab identity.

Context Arab culture read in architecture.

Context Kufic calligraphy in architecture.

Bilingual letterform studies Inspired by Kufic calligraphy.

Process Evolution of word ligatures.

Experiment English stand alone.

Experiment Arabic stand alone.

Refinement Word ligature sample.

Word ligature specimen Airport wayfinding.

Word ligature specimen Continued with numerals.

Word ligature specimen Airport literature.

Specimen demonstrating English and Arabic Font.

Application Super graphic seen in Dubai Airport

Application Men and Women Restrooms.

Application Gates indicated with status

Application Terminals indicating flight status

Specimen Sample 2 Museum wayfinding

Type specimen functioning as separate font.

Application 2:  In Museum of Islamic Art

Application: Museum directional wayfinding.

Application Vinyl lables.

Application More museum wayfinding.